Officially a relationship, life, and professional coach!

The past couple of months I was studying like crazy to get my coaching certificates needed to further my career as a writer and dating expert. I completed the certified professional coach, certified relationship coach, and certified life coach. I received an 98% so I am a really happy girl, that I was able to get this accomplished, especially since I had just had a neck surgery. I am striving for people to become more educated on invisible illnesses and how it affects the people who have them. I am one of those people and I knew the only way I could help deal with this illness was to write about it and to hopefully help someone along the way.

I am still attending The Ohio State University and currently writing two books. One is on dating and love, and the other is a non-fiction book about my journey with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and my surgeries.

Look out for more things I am trying to put together to help my fellow EDSers and disability people across the world.


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