Women Versus Women

Have you ever had that thought, why doesn’t she like me? She doesn’t even know me? I have had that thought a lot.

I know from the past women are supposed to be fearful of other women. It’s in their genetic makeup to be automatically tense when a women walks by and think what are her intentions. Everything is always “high school.” We never really get out of high school, do we? I have been out of high school for ten years and I still feel like I am walking the same halls, but just with different faces. When I worked in an office setting it was exhausting. Women automatically are sizing you up the moment you meet them. And for what reason? When did it become acceptable for women to be at war with each other?

We all suffer from the same heartbreak, the same setbacks with jobs, or the same headache of family life. We all are under the same pressure to make our lives as best as we can. So why are there women out there trying to make it harder for other women?

Women, for some reason, feel threatened by other women. Whether she is threatened because of a man or a job position, women automatically hate other women. I have watched a lot of girls look me up and down and I know what they are thinking. It’s what all girls are thinking when they first meet another girl “who is this bitch”.

There are ladies out there that say, “no, never done it”, you are lying! We all do it. And I wonder why we do? We should be coming together and be a force instead of being at war. Not all women are out to steal your man or steal that job you covet. We all are here trying to do the same thing, find love and find happiness.

Recently I walked down the street with my two dogs and this woman was in the passenger seat of an SUV, she gave me the dirtiest look I have had in a long time. I thought to myself what the hell? In that second she saw me, she automatically thought to give me a dirty look. We need to figure out how to change the reaction women have when they see another woman. Some women smile at someone when they see them and other women see danger and automatically are prepared for a brawl. It is so sad that in that one second that woman saw me she thought I was a bitch so I deserved that look. I have always thought that these women who are like this thrive for the most part and why I think this? Well to be honest when there is a woman like this no one wants to be around that woman so in a workplace that woman will get promotions just so other people don’t have to deal with her. Which in fact is such a horrible reaction to that woman, because she will keep getting promoted to higher positions of power just because someone else does not know how to deal with her and want that woman out of their “department”. I have seen this happen on many occasions in the corporate world. It always sadden me when there were two women up for a position and the “nicer” one didn’t get it because the other woman pissed off so many people that they need her out of that department since she has not done anything that was “worthy” of her getting fired.

So, Ladies, instead of hating on some other woman because she has something you want, why not think of how she got it and strive to get whatever it is you are craving from that person. Now, I am not saying steal her man or steal her job, I am saying there is something or someone meant for all of us so find out what that is and go get it! Because to be honest when you look at a woman and see her hair, eyes, face, body type and clothes; that woman can not change how she looks just like you can not, so why are you hating on someone who has the same amount of control as you do on how you look? So always remember that person has body image issues just like you do. There is always something someone does not like about their appearance so instead of being jealous to the point of being hateful why don’t you look at it like this, she has no control how she looks anymore than you do!


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