Dating in LA

A single Midwest girl dates in LA for 2 weeks, will it be a disaster or love at first sight?

Dating in any city has it’s quirks, but what happens when a single 33 year old certified relationship coach and sexpert comes to LA and tries out the dating scene for the first time? Let me just say it was more eventful than I originally anticipated. When I set up my dating apps, I had very low expectations and I didn’t know what the response would be and I definitely didn’t imagine half of what occurred.

I’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio all my life and the dating scene here is abysmal at best. So I assumed the dating in Los Angeles, would be very similar or worse than my usual dating prospects at home. Once I landed in LAX, I switched my dating apps Tinder and Bumble over and sat down and waited for the fun to begin. My profile states exactly who I am, and I know adding that I am a relationship coach and Sexpert on a known hook up dating app isn’t exactly smart, but being the type of person I am, what you see is what you get, my job is my job and it’s something I am proud of.

After the first few hours, I realized that just like in Columbus, many men wanted to know what exactly it was that I did for a living. I am assuming from the descriptions I got, men seem to think a Sexpert and/or sex coach is extremely hands on with their clients. Which sometimes that can be the case, but not in mine. I help couples get out of the sexual ruts that can occur when you have been in a relationship for a long time. I also help singles learn more about their bodies as well as the opposite sex, but no where in my job description do I watch my clients engage in sex and nor am I a director while my clients get it on.

Once I explained this fact over and over they would finally ask about who I am as a person, and not Christy the Sexpert. Now, if you’ve been on dating apps, you know that on Tinder you can’t send any pictures, but on Bumble you can. So I received more dick pics than I care to count. And I have had many men profess their love to me after only speaking to me for a few minutes. Many men offered to pay my way to stay in LA and then there were the very small percentage that actually wanted to meet me and not just meet me for sex, which happened more than I care to admit.

Once I came home, I fully intended on counting every time I told someone what my job was, every dick pic, and every man who asked me to come to their place to have sex, but once I sat down to actually count them, I realized it would take me an hour or two to count each instance so I chose to leave that bit of research alone. I did however, count how many men I spoke to and matched with and lets just say if I wanted to met each one, I would have had to set up a date every hour for the whole 12 days I was there. As we know quality over quantity is always the way to go.

So which city’s dating scene is the best? They each have their own appeal, but I would have to say I am no closer to figuring that out than I was before I got there. I’ve heard horror stories of dating mishaps in LA and I have to say I am now not surprised by those stories I’ve read about. LA men love to name drop and they love to embellish on their careers. I now know when I see a profile and they say they are an entrepreneur and they are in the 20’s most likely they are actually unemployed. I know that anyone can say they are a director and work for famous actors, but then they want you to pay for the drinks you and him just consumed. So when my friends who live in LA told me to be careful, I now know why they issued that warning.

Dating in LA, no matter how abysmal it may be, still didn’t deter me from wanting to move there so at least there is that result. What I did learn is whether you are in Columbus, Ohio or in Los Angeles, California, you have to go through the 95% of men who just want you for one thing, before you can get to the 5% of men who are the real deal. Happy Dating, Los Angeles!


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