Atiq Durrani Spine Surgeon in Cincinnati Ohio

Atiq Durrani was my surgeon, he fled back to his native country Pakistan when he was indicted by the Feds with 46 felony counts. He did unnecessary surgeries on me and 500 plus more people. The hospitals knew he was doing this and that he was using non-FDA regulated stem cell proteins, which causes cancer, bone overgrowth and possible other unknowns due to it not being researched. He’s the reason I’m in pain every second of my life and the reason I need more spine surgeries because of him using stem cell proteins that I never asked for. My thoracic spine is being crushed from the weight of excess bone and is now impinged on my spinal cord in 3 areas.
The many hospitals he performed surgeries at in Cincinnati, ohio have played games knowing that people have lost everything because of this man. He screwed up many children who now have to live their lives based on where their doctors are. No surgeon in ohio will touch us. I’ve seen over 10 who refuse to help, due to the lawsuits and the many issues our spines have. Here are a few stories of the destruction he’s left during his time in ohio. The last person on this interview, Neil was a US Marine, he could no longer deal with the pain and is no longer with us. Please share so we can get justice for Neil and all of us suffering!


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