Featured in Thought Catalog

I am excited that Thought Catalog featured my recent article. Thank you to Thought Catalog!!


8 Easy Ways To Figure Out If He’s Just Using You For Sex


4 thoughts on “Featured in Thought Catalog

  1. floridianmermaid says:

    Great article. Sadly, I have learned that men can display NONE of the traits you listed and STILL just be using us for sex. I had to learn how to be veeeeerrrrryyyy observant of men in order to be able to suss them out early by paying attention to extremely subtle signs that aren’t mention in your article. I will be writing a post about it on my own blog sometime in the near future.


  2. Thomas says:

    Hi, love your site but I was wondering if you have sex advice mines a little embarrassing so didn’t want to ask in the comments section lol if not all good just thought I’d ask



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