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This Is Why You Should Always Have A Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage is not just about love, it is also a business arrangement.

Everyone has their own opinions on prenuptial agreements and question if they send a bad precedent before marriage. But, divorce is a possibility whether you would want to address those feelings now or not. Life has no guarantees and there is no way to know if 2 or 10 years down the road you decide the marriage is not repairable. When you get married, you never want to think about the possibility of it ending, but with the divorce rate being so high, it is something that every pre-marriage phase couples need to think about and give credence to.

If a marriage doesn’t work out, the likelihood of it being a cordial break up and everyone agreeing on every little thing, is slim to none. Sure, there are a select few who can accomplish an amicable divorce, but more often than not there is going to be some resentment and angry feelings involved, especially for the person who was dumped. They will have a major hit to their ego and instead of being logical about their feelings, they will direct their anger towards getting their exes back anyway possible. Divorce becomes revenge and anything you two had discussed before with regards to the marriage not working out, goes out the window. Every couple says in the beginning if things do not work out, I will not fight with you or I will not take this or take that. And then the gloves come off and it’s everyone for them self. Even the attorneys will get nasty and become too emotionally involved.

I have seen every end of the spectrum when it comes to divorce. You have mutual break ups, the extremely angry break ups, and the starting out mutual, only to turn into a battle until even the toothbrush is accounted for. This is why pre-nups are such a necessary asset pre-marriage. You can put everything in this legal document and no matter who breaks up with whom, the pre-nup will stand. It is very rare that a judge goes against the original pre-nup legal document.

I know some people think that this process is unromantic and that it brings down the happy celebratory vibe you two have. My response to that is, it only has that effect on your situation because you are allowing it to. All you are doing, is laying out every asset you have and making sure you are protected down the road and that your kids are protected if you choose to have them or already have them. So put the romance feelings aside, it’s just smart to have one set up regardless if you are wealthy or not. Plus have you ever entered into a financial arrangement without a contract? You probably haven’t, so why forgo a prenup when it does involve everything you own? Which ever you decide, always remember: There is a difference between marrying the love of your life and divorcing the man you thought was the love of your life.

Why Dating Him For His Money Will Never Make You Happy

Don’t be a gold digger, OK?

I was walking down my street with my dogs yesterday and I overheard two girls talking about the new man she had met. They were probably in their early twenties, and the shocking thing that she said stayed with me. “He only makes 200 thousand a year.”

This is frustrating, especially with my profession. I am trying to get women to change certain behaviors, and this statement from someone who probably hasn’t graduated college yet is just baffling. When did dating change so much that women think that their man’s money is theirs? I won’t let men off the hook because I have dealt with some men who have lived off their girlfriends.

So when did this get so far that you have to consider if you will date someone by their income? Now this, of course, flies out the window if you yourself make a great salary and you want an equal partner. But, if you do not make “X” number of dollars, then your requirements are far-fetched, and this is why we have the stereotype that women are gold diggers.

Where did this sense of entitlement come from? It’s nice to have someone spoil you, but if that’s your first and only requirement, there’s a problem. What happened to love? And more importantly, what happened to the independent woman ideology? We have grown past this ideology, and it makes me sad.

I learned that you will never get anything for free. If someone gives you something then you return the sentiment. Nowadays, most are more concerned with what type of car they drive and what they can get from someone instead of caring about who they are actually with.

With technology changing everyday, it’s a lot easier to meet people, but it’s also a lot easier to find the wrong type of people. We have dating websites for women and men to find people who have great incomes. My question to the people signing up for these websites is, why are you OK with someone wanting to date you just because of your financial status? You can’t think that the relationship will last based on the superficial.

People need to start caring more about providing for themselves instead of finding someone to take care of them. Your money isn’t his and neither is his money yours. Unless you marry the person, how much they make shouldn’t be your problem or in this case your meal ticket.
Learn to take care of yourself and to make money for the lifestyle you want to have. No one can take that away from you, and trust me you will appreciate it a lot more knowing that.